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Terms & Conditions For Project
Q.1 How to select TOPIC of the Project ?
Ans. We will provide the detailed topics along with synopsis only after receipt of full amount.

Q.2 What details you need to give the project ?
Ans. Complete Address with Pin Code, Phone Number ( if possible ) and Name of the student. These details should be e-mail at In case of MBA you also have to mention your interest area like Marketing/ Finance/ HR/ OR etc. We will try to give the best possible match but not guaranteed.

Q.3 How much and How to pay for the projects ?
Ans. Please contact on.9825183881

Q.4 Can You give any type of guarantee at any step of the project?
Ans. Guarantee of any kind is not given for final project reports and evaluation however, if synopsis gets rejected then it is made again FREE of cost in consultation with you.

Q.5 Do you sell same project to all ?
Ans. No, fresh study is done for every order we receive.

Q.6 What about GUIDE ?
Ans. We will not provide guide. In case of specific topics than based on case to case basis, we may support for guide.

Q.7 My Q. is not listed here. What to do?
Ans. You are welcome to send us your queries about any clarifications and the site as a whole. Our response rate is 100% and we usually respond in less than 60 hours. If you do not get a reply in 60 hours, please escalate and send the query again with urgent priority. We will respond to your queries at the first opportunity as soon as possible.

Note: Based on our quality level, we never refund the amount, in any case.


This memrandum of undertaken place between two parties.

1st Party DOTCOM PUBLICATIONS (named as publisher now onwards)
2nd Party : Candidate / Student (named as Student now onwards)

The agreement is acceptable to both parties.
1. The proposal of project will be sent to the candidate within 45 days of clear receipt of funds.

2. The student has to mention full details like
(i) Course
(ii) University name
(iii) Area in which project required
(iv) Enrolment number
(v) Enrolment Date
(vi) Date upto which validity of Enrolment.
(vii) Full Name as per Registration with University / Institution
(viii) Permanent address
(ix) Communication address
(x) Place of working
(xi) Name of company
(xii) Designation
(xiii) Date of birth

3. No verbal communication acceptable written communication in the form of Regd. Ad Letter or readable email is only acceptable. Non-receipt of email, publisher is not responsible.

4. i) Student has to inform within 24 hours the status of acceptance or rejection of proposal.
ii) As publisher we are not responsible to arrange Guide / Supervisor for student’s project student has to arrange on its own.
iii) In case of rejection of proposal, student has to send full scan copy of Rejection letter with all supporting to publisher. The publisher will provide revised or new proposal within 30 days, without charging any additional amount.
iv) Student is not allowed to make any changes in proposal provided by publisher. If on account of said changes proposal is rejected, then condition no. 4(iii) not applicable.
v) Any type of interference by student at the proposal stage or thesis / project stage, will not be entertained by publisher.

5. Once the proposal acceptance is conveyed by student to publisher, publisher will provide one hard copy of thesis / project (as spiral binding) latest by 120 days from the receipt of information from student.

6. The final result bestowed by university / institution is binding to student as publisher, we are not responsible.

7. The said MOU is valid upto 12 months from the date of clear receipt of funds.

8. Any further need / assistance, student can personally send email to

9. Verbal or telephonic communication is not entertained.

10. The amount paid by student is non-refundable, in any circumstances.

11. Subject to Jurisdiction of Ahmedabad.

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